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08/26/2003 Archived Entry: "Lightning!"
Posted by CKL @ 12:15 AM PST

It's after midnight, and I've just spent the last ten minutes looking out my bedroom window. I had been lying in bed for a short while when I noticed intermittent blue flashes-- through my closed eyelids. At first, I thought it was cars passing on the street outside, but then I got up and saw the cause: coruscating white bolts of lightning, far enough away (more than 15 miles) that I couldn't hear the thunderclaps, but still sharp and clear and illuminating half the sky. They've been coming several times a minute, and I can't even imagine how far huge these things must be-- they extend from the ground to deep inside the clouds above.

They're beautiful from this distance, but I'm sure they're doing terrible damage wherever it is they're hitting, somewhere to the north and east. Nature has a funny way of delivering good news and bad news at the same time.

I hope it's not this cloudy on Wednesday; otherwise my Mars viewing is going to be a real non-event.

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"Lightning strikes in downtown Livermore in this time-exposure photo..."

Posted by CKL @ 08/27/2003 08:54 AM PST

That lightning was something else, wasn't it? From my eastward-facing bedroom window in Fremont, it was lighting up the room right through the blinds. Looked like it was just over the hills, but I couldn't hear much thunder either.

Posted by David Ozenne @ 09/05/2003 12:04 PM PST

Have you ever read "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown?

Posted by Judo @ 02/02/2005 10:29 AM PST

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