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08/25/2003 Archived Entry: "Sigh."
Posted by CKL @ 12:45 PM PST

Place your bets now: how long before this shows up on an episode of Law & Order?

Torrance Cantrell, an autistic eight-year-old from Milwaukee, is dead after an hourlong "faith healing" at the Faith Temple Church of Apostolic Faith. The child's autopsy results were not revealed due to the police investigation, but one of the ministers of the church has been jailed on suspicion of felony abuse of a child... Torrance was involved in other abusive "prayer sessions" both at the church and at home. During some of these sessions, church members would hold the child down and strike him. At another session, a neighbor reported seeing church members beat the eight-year-old boy with a belt.
I really should go take a good entry-level constitutional law course at a local university. Even if the Constitution doesn't explicitly guarantee any right to privacy, separation of church and state implies it pretty strongly, and from that you can extrapolate all kinds of good stuff (gay marriages) and bad stuff (domestic abuse). Of course, before you even go there, you have to decide what the fundamental role of government should be-- are you Hamiltonian or Jeffersonian? Socialist or Libertarian? Arnold or Georgy?

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