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08/03/2003 Archived Entry: "Borg Borg Borg"
Posted by CKL @ 01:44 PM PST

On Friday, Paramount announced the planned opening of a new attraction at Star Trek - The Experience in Las Vegas: Borg Invasion 4D. From the fact sheet:

Borg Invasion 4D will combine live actors and phenomenal special effects to create an excitingly realistic Star Trek experience. As visitors tour a futuristic research facility, the terrifying drones of the Borg collective attempt to capture and assimilate them using 24th century cybernetic technology. 3D and 4D effects will merge in chilling realization of state-of-the-art technology to provide an all-immersive tactile experience for visitors to the attraction.
I have no idea what they mean by "4D effects," but since they also advertise "atmospheric and hydraulic effects, physical probes, pneumatic actuators and an array of audio transducers" and "the first-ever live action, steady cam stereo shot with real-time 3D playback onscreen," it's pretty clear that the Borg attempt to assimilate you will be successful to some degree.

I'm really hoping this won't be a total cheese-fest, but I'll have to wait until next spring to find out. Besides, it can't be all bad if Robert Picardo is in it, right?

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picardo is the worst in my opinion. yknow he was in the background pushing for more lines/screen time on voyager. how else can you explain that a lowly hologram somehow got as much screen time as janeway?

Posted by woo @ 08/08/2003 11:20 AM PST

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