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07/28/2003 Archived Entry: "Friendster is not your friend"
Posted by CKL @ 11:55 PM PST

One of my old high school buddies recently sent me an invitation to join Friendster, a new online community web site. A nice gesture, but in this case, it's not the thought that counts, it's the inescapable suckitude of the web site. That's right, you heard me: Friendster sucks.

Said the invitation e-mail: "Friendster is an online community that connects people through networks of friends for dating or making new friends. Friendster is for people who are single, people in relationships, and anyone who wants to make new friends or help their friends meet new people... Once you join Friendster, you will be automatically connected to your friend...and all of [his] friends."

Conceptually, it's a lot like the InCircle thing that the Stanford Alumni Association debuted last year-- you indicate which people in the system are your friends, and it draws a big graph linking you through them to other people who could be potential friends, dates, one-night stands, whatever. Friendster just has a lot more bells and whistles, like detailed profiles, bulletin boards, and photo galleries. But oh no, it's not exclusively a meat market, no no no.


Anyway, the real problem is, the Friendster web site doesn't work. I clicky clicked on the link in the invitation e-mail about an hour ago, and since then have been trying to do various things on the Friendster site: view my profile, upload a photo, view my friend's profile, search for people, add other friends. More than half my requests fail with a "document contained no data" error; the ones which do get through take for-freakin'-ever to load; and at least half of those just show me the error page which explains that they never expected to be slashdotted, and asks for patience while they go through some growing pains.

I'm pretty patient-- I wrangle web servers for a living-- but this is ridiculous, even for a beta. It's things like this that give JSP a bad name. And ultimately, it's just too much damn trouble for too little tangible benefit.

Friendster sucks, and not in a good way. Now get your mind out of the gutter.

Replies: 9 comments

All I have to say is: I wholeheartedly agree.

Posted by A fellow server wrangler @ 08/17/2003 09:46 PM PST

I try to use Friendster and often get disconnected, or my attempt to email a reply to a fellow friendster is lost somehow. I am going to stick to emailing people I know instead of relying on Lamester.

Posted by cleaver @ 08/19/2003 12:27 PM PST

I think beyond the technical issues, there's a big trust issue. I participated in inCircle because I trust the organization that sponsors it. I have no such trust in Friendster.

Posted by Loren @ 09/14/2003 06:46 PM PST

Friendster does suck. All my friends and i moved to

Posted by Jenn @ 10/21/2003 09:51 AM PST

friendster bites indeed. not only are the mechanics entirely defunct, but the principle on which it was founded (marketing) sucks anyhow. and they are making it a pay site! ha!

Posted by rudy tardy @ 10/23/2003 11:22 AM PST

Freindster, friendster... its a site that's always being repaired... can't go there too often, only fools go there.

Posted by Bla Friendz @ 08/30/2004 12:19 AM PST

i am a member of friendster because i have found old friends there. I prefer myspace because you can use html in your profile, so it's fun.

Posted by ariel @ 01/30/2005 01:57 PM PST

I couldn't agree more.

Posted by Sean @ 04/25/2005 01:34 AM PST

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