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06/03/2003 Archived Entry: "Fun Steps"
Posted by CKL @ 05:55 PM PST

One: I visit, which I do nearly every day, to keep up on my Buffyverse news.

Two: I follow the Eliza Dushku: Girlfriend Of The Day link to the Maxim magazine web site. Hey, I'm male.

Three: I am nonplussed by the whole "Girlfriend Of The Day" concept. It's a little too obvious, and the sound-bite/centerfold combination doesn't do anything for me. Especially with such unimaginative photography. Thank you, I know what female anatomy looks like. Have you anything more interesting to show me? No? Good-bye.

Four: I remember the Flick Filosopher Bias Meter, a much more amusing web page which includes not only "current boyfriend" but "current enemy" (sometimes "enemies"). Better. The only thing she's missing is web links to the objects of her obsession, but I can see how that might cheapen the whole Bias Meter experience.

I'm sure I can make up eight more steps, but that would be pretty silly.

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