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05/30/2003 Archived Entry: "Forgetting"
Posted by CKL @ 08:45 PM PST

I talk to myself a lot. Sometimes in monologue, sometimes in dialogue. Sometimes using funny voices. But usually, whatever profound or interesting thing I had to say to myself, I've forgotten by the time I think that it might be nice to write it down somewhere so I can preserve the thought.

And why, you ask, don't I use the voice recorder so conveniently included in my PalmPilot? Because it takes me five to ten seconds to fumble the damn thing out of my satchel or pocket or backpack or wherever I've got it stashed so I don't lose it or drop it, and by then the moment is gone.

If I could get the retrieval time down to a second or two, or at least under five, it might be worth it. I'd probably use my PalmPilot for a lot more stuff-- taking pictures, taking notes, whatever. Right now it still takes a concentrated and specific effort to get it out and turned on.

I can't wait until wearable computers are the norm, and it literally takes the blink of an eye to snap a photograph or start a video recorder. For now, though, I guess I just have to train myself. Or start wearing my shoulder holster again.

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