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05/11/2003 Archived Entry: "Parlez-Vous Klingon, petaQ?"
Posted by CKL @ 06:40 PM PST

As reported on TrekToday:

"The Multnomah County, Oregon Department of Human Services is looking for a Klingon interpreter in case patients arrive at an emergency room speaking that language. Because the county is obligated to provide information in all languages, according to procurement specialist Jerry Jelusich, the office that treats approximately 60,000 mentally ill individuals wants to be prepared in case a Klingon speaker arrives..."

Before you snicker, sneer, or shake your head, remember: every human language exists because a group of people created it. "Dagger" wasn't a word before Shakespeare made it up. Who's to say that an "artificial" language, like Esperanto, is any less legitimate?

Heck, even Google speaks Klingon!

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