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05/02/2003 Archived Entry: "Hail to the Chief"
Posted by CKL @ 10:37 AM PST

I took the Light Rail into work today, and we didn't stop at the NASA/Bayshore station because of the President's visit. Air Force One had landed at Moffett Field, and the Secret Service had several nearby roads blocked off all morning. As we passed the station, I saw police cars, barricades, uniformed officers, and a SWAT team on the platform.

The next stop was the Lockheed Martin station, where protesters had been gathering just last week. None today.

I'll go out on a limb and say that George W. Bush isn't my favorite President of all time. But, as the Dixie Chicks have learned, it doesn't matter if you dislike the person; you still have to respect the office. And also respect the people sworn to protect it.

The President is surrounded by men and women armed to the teeth and trained to kill. I'm sure it's exciting and satisfying for them to take down a bad guy, but I suspect that their greatest victories are when nothing happens. The best security in the world means you have a boring watch. You never draw your weapon. You never let the bad guy get that close.

The true hallmark of civilization is having options of deadly force, but being wise enough to succeed by other means.

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