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04/19/2003 Archived Entry: "Cog"
Posted by CKL @ 12:28 PM PST

Published reports claim this hypercool new Honda Accord commercial (requires Flash) took four days of shooting and 606 takes. However, they disagree on whether it contains manipulated images. The Daily Telegraph says "[a]lthough it would have been much easier to fiddle the chain of events by using computer graphics, the seesaw and shunt of events really did happen, and in one, clean take." The Daily Record says "[t]he full advert is divided in two - because the studio couldn't fit in all the kit at once. Just one second of computer generation is used to link the two halves - when an exhaust pipe rolls across the floor."

In any case, it's absolutely criminal that neither story mentions Rube Goldberg or The Way Things Go. Are these people just ignorant, too lazy to do the research, or totally subservient to Honda's corporate desire to appear original? Acknowledging the genesis of an idea in no way detracts from the work you do to create your own art. But I guess the collision of art and commerce does tend to mangle things.

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