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04/02/2003 Archived Entry: "Another one bites the dust"
Posted by CKL @ 12:19 AM PST

I used to love the Coming Attractions web site by Corona Productions. It was chock-full of information on upcoming movies, including everything from official studio propaganda to rumors reported by anonymous sources. It was more down-to-earth than Entertainment Weekly and more readable than Ain't It Cool News. Alas, it is no more.

I visited Coming Attractions (CA) today and found a message explaining how, as of March, 2003, they had "partnered exclusively with Cinescape magazine" and would be moving all their content to the Cinescape web site. The message goes on to say: "No, we haven't been bought out and absolutely nothing's changing about the way Coming Attractions reports about the movies ... Nothing is changing about the way we bring you the news expect where we're delivering it."

Sorry, but I beg to differ. Everything is changing, and I don't like it. CA used to be a clean, user-friendly web site, even offering a choice of frames or no-frames interfaces, with easy navigation to exactly the information I wanted. Now it's buried as part of a badly designed, impossible-to-traverse portal site. What were they thinking? If the announcement is to be believed, they didn't even get any money out of the deal!

But hey, don't take my word for it. Decide for yourself.

The old Coming Attractions:

The new Coming Attractions:

It's the content, stupid. It's always about the content.

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