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03/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Sony's CEO Unplugged"
Posted by CKL @ 11:27 PM PST

"In a rare and incredibly candid interview, Nobuyuki Idei, Chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation, tells AlwaysOn what he really thinks...

"[Question:] What about your relationships with Palm and Symbian?

"[Answer:] In terms of our OS strategy,... I really want to own either Symbian or Palm—I want to buy them. Three years ago the Palm was so simple, but it is getting better and better. My problem now is that as Palm licensee we have to pay them lots of money. Palm is like Apple—we don't know if they are a software company or a hardware company. But they have now split in two. [my links -CKL]

"[Question:] You would buy Palm's software business?

"[Answer:] Yes, if they want to sell."

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