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02/20/2003 Archived Entry: "cyberbegging"
Posted by CKL @ 02:07 PM PST

I'd rather not believe this, but I guess I have to:

Look. Charity begins at home, but so does self-sufficiency. There are genuinely destitute people out there who want to work but can't, for valid reasons, and if you've set up a web site to collect "donations" via PayPal just so you can pay off your credit card debt, I'm sorry, the only help you need is a reality check.

"Stupidity got us into this mess-- why can't it get us out?" --anonymous

I have issues with people who can't take responsibility for their own actions. I don't like people who plead "not guilty" when they know full well that they committed the crime in question. I despise the victim mentality which more and more people seem to be using as an umbrella defense. And I absolutely can't stand it when people try to shunt responsibility off onto their circumstances, place in society, or other "larger forces." You are responsible for yourself. You are in control, whether you like it or not. Deal with it.

Hmm... maybe I've just been watching too much Law & Order.

Replies: 7 comments

I put the email to site I listed.
I agree. Here's a site that lady isn't allowed to work. If that lady on TV got money to pay off shopping
credit cards, then people should awake and see there
are folks who actually needed the money more that they gave her!
This lady isn't looking to be famous, she just needs a REAL hand!
Please pass it on. I donated two bucks,
plus got four bucks for getting
a free PayPal account! So it didn't cost me.

Posted by Mark @ 09/21/2003 08:25 PM PST

if you know of anyone else who is asking for money, i have a yahoo group for them.

Posted by ladyshark @ 12/16/2003 11:02 PM PST

If wishes were horses, beggars might ride. As this ditty played in my head, I decided to try to get on the overloaded cyberbegging bandwagon. I knew that the wave had already crested, but maybe - just maybe, there would be a few dollars fluttering around that could float into my pot.

First I had to overcome my pride, and then overcome a zero talent for webpaging - I wouldn't dare call myself a webmaster. What would I say to strangers who didn't know if I was real or not? I decided to tell my story in the third person as simple and truthfully as I could.

Finally, hearing the long ago phrase "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." or in my case, "earned."

My web site has not been very successful, I can't even figure out how to get it to come up on a radom search. However a news story came out and that has been more than successful. I guess seeing my story in print gave me the credibility that I didn't seem to be able to give myself.

I am still a long way off from getting a handicap-accessible minivan, but - you know what? - I feel better for having tried.


Posted by Gail Morrison @ 05/21/2004 08:58 AM PST

I must have left out something in the URL link, so I will try again. I hope successfully this time. gail

Posted by Gail Morrison @ 05/21/2004 09:02 AM PST

I call myself simona and are a poor Italian wretch who asks aid the slid year has been without job for a period of time then has resumed but they are remained behind with the installments of the mutuum of my house of 2800. euro even if I have resumed the payments does not succeed of giving me this sum and the bank has given completed I to me has addressed to all the institutions but nobody has helped me for this reason is putting this announcement with the hope to find a benefactor leaves mine banca di roma nun. conto 38547/36 intestato molinari abi 00624 cab 39370 thanks

Posted by simona @ 11/09/2004 05:42 AM PST

I'm broke and scared. The whole story's on my web page. Please help if you can.

Posted by runawayblue @ 01/09/2005 04:47 AM PST

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