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02/14/2003 Archived Entry: "Palm OS for crime scene investigations"
Posted by CKL @ 02:29 PM PST

NBC has made a TV movie from Jame's Patterson's book, 1st to Die, and the preview includes a very clear shot of a Palm OS device being used to photograph a crime scene. They've cleverly painted over the SONY logo (that's what the U-shaped, black stripe is covering), and they're using non-standard software (possibly faked in post-production), but the device is definitely a Sony CLIÉ, either the NR70 or the NX70.

I doubt the product was named in the book, since it was published early last year, and I also doubt that actual crime scene investigators would use such a low-resolution device: the NX70, which I used to take the picture linked above, only captures at 640x480 and has no flash. I suspect that Patterson mentioned a generic digital camera or PDA in his book-- he's previously demonstrated his technophilia in Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls-- and the movie producers wanted to use the coolest device they could find, since the story is set in San Francisco.

Anyway. I might record the movie on the 23rd and fast-forward through it to see the scene in which the PDA is featured. It'll probably be atrocious-- both the movie and the inevitable technical errors-- but I just want to see for myself...

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