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02/12/2003 Archived Entry: "Mark Morford can't do math"
Posted by CKL @ 11:12 AM PST

Apparently, the record companies who are to pony up several hundred million dollars in The Antitrust Settlement That Wasn't have revved up their public relations engines to deliver misinformation in the guise of helpful consumer advice. And the San Francisco Chronicle's Mark Morford has fallen for it, as demonstrated in his column Celine Dion Owes Me 20 Bucks (which, by the way, contradicts its own headline: Morford himself states that "the actual artist sees only about 38 cents [per CD sold]," and the "record [company] execs" are the ones making all the real money). A lot of what he says about business practices and stickin' it to The Man is valid, but he keeps hitting the spurious "get your $20" button, which is so unlikely to actually happen. Sigh.

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