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01/21/2003 Archived Entry: ""remake" is a dirty word"
Posted by CKL @ 07:56 PM PST

So I'm reading the February, 2003, issue of Premiere, and I'm not even halfway through it, but I've already seen two upcoming movie remakes referred to by other euphemisms.

The Wedding Party is called "a reimagining of 1979's The In-Laws," and The Italian Job is elevated to a "reinvention of the classic 1969 caper."

All I have to say is, a rose by any other name...

I suppose we can blame Tim Burton's and Gus van Sant's self-indulgent marketing on Planet of the Apes and Psycho, respectively, for starting this latest in a long history of stupid Hollywood trends. And it's only getting worse.

Did I Spy have anything to do with the original TV series? (I'll give you a hint: no.) It's all about brand, er, name recognition. Content? Feh! Who cares about content? The movie itself isn't the big moneymaker anyway; just ask Disney. It's all about merchandising, product placement, and subpar TV spinoffs.


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