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01/14/2003 Archived Entry: "Streaming Soundtracks"
Posted by CKL @ 05:10 PM PST

Most days at work, I listen to SchpydurX Radio. For those who, like me, hate frames, here's a direct link to their Currently Playing page.

I love orchestral movie soundtracks, and that's all they play, with very few exceptions. It's great to have music in the background that I don't have to think about. Lyrics can be, at worst, hard to understand; or, at best, so profound that I want to stop and think about them for a minute.

Not that I don't also contemplate instrumental music, but at 22kHz mono, you generally don't get any of the nuances that would be worth listening closely for. And movie soundtracks provide a good variety of tempos and styles, running the gamut from classical to jazz to pop/rock/Hans Zimmer.

I haven't donated anything yet-- they ask for paypal, bandwidth, or more music from Amazon-- but am thinking about it.

If you care... I'm listening with XMMS on a Linux box.

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Try instead. Much better! :)

Posted by JERIC @ 11/06/2003 11:43 AM PST

Update: disappeared for a while, apparently losing their domain name, and has resurfaced as "scorestation". But I've switched to anyway, which so far hasn't hit their user limit and prevented me from connecting. This is still a significant problem on scorestation.

Posted by CKL @ 12/16/2003 03:40 PM PST

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